We are Merlin and Katie Edmonds, two friends with the shared passion of nature, design, conservation, and entrepreneurship. We are also family ever since Katie married Merlin's brother and became a true part of the Edmonds ohana.

Merlin is the amazing creative force behind our towels. Born and raised on Kaua`i, he began painting as a young child, and before our towels was known for his incredibly detailed fine art (which you can see here). As the years passed he wanted to create art that everyone could enjoy without having to buy expensive prints, and has since cultivated the simple style you see today that allows everyone to enjoy art in their homes.

When we started Cultivate Hawai`i, we did so knowing we would only offer products made with quality and integrity. Products that not only met our standards for inspiring creativity and beauty, but also met our environmental and worker-rights based standards for production. That's why we work hard to ensure each product we sell won't harm you or your family through chemical burdens, nor will with they harm the planet or the people that make them.

We are here excited to offer a line that we are proud to give as gifts or place in our homes, and you will be too.

-Katie and Merlin